Welcome to the Acendre Recruit Developer Portal

This has been established to provide all the information you will need to integrate your systems to Acendre Recruit using our API Toolkit. The Acendre Recruit API solutions can be leveraged to provide many cost and time saving benefits. Some of the key benefits of integration with the Acendre Talent Management solution include:

A single source of truth across your HR ecosystem as integrated platforms are kept up-to-date
Automation of user activities such as user accounts and new employee creation.
Reduction in operational cost across your organisation
Reduction in manual data entry, saving time and increasing accuracy of data.
Faster and more efficient onboarding of new employees and increased employee engagement
Consistency of data integrity across your HR technology solution

Connecting to the API

API stands for Application Program Interface. In Acendre Recruit’s case this is consists of a suite of different functions which allow clients to retrieve and update data from within the Acendre Recruit system.

Acendre Recruit uses a Restful web service using HTTP requests to communicate to the endpoint URL and retrieve the JSON data.

In order to utilise the API suite your organization will need to build a system to communicate with the API endpoint. This can be done with code methods such as Javascript, PHP, Ruby or with software such as Postman.

Once a connection has been established can be retrieved and manipulated for any purpose. Below we will explore some sample scenarios being used by our clients.

Recruitment Integration

The Acendre Recruit API suite allows users to connect their HR Systems and BI tools into a single integrated ecosystem. This ensures that data used in Acendre Recruit is kept up to date from the ‘source of truth’ and information gathered throughout the hiring process can be returned and recorded in another system.

The below diagram shows a typical integrated solution using the Acendre API. This is presented as an example of best practice only as the flexibility of API’s allows for many applications.

Application APIs

View complete application details from any stage in the recruitment process


Keep user details and access up to date


Maintain the list of current position IDs and details

Global Question

Populate any data into a drop down field

Performance Integration

The Acendre Recruit API suite can also ensure your employee and position hierarchy remain accurate when creating and assigning performance reviews. This means that reviews will be accurately assigned to employee and manager roles.

Performance diary entries can be maintained against other systems and final review scores can be returned to other systems for reporting, succession or compensation processes.

Performance Review APIs

Manage date for performance appraisals


Keep user details and access up to date

User to Position

Link users to positions


Maintain the list of current position IDs and details


What can I use the API for?

The API can be used to interact with a number of system components such as:

Users/Employees: Create/update/delete users and/or employees into the system and designate their level of access.

Positions: Create/update/delete positions from the system.

Users/Employees in Positions: Designate users/employees into positions. This provides the ability to automate employees and managers into reviews.

Global Question Data: Update dropdown lists in the system.

Applicant Details and Files: Return responses to an application including files that were provided as part of the application.

Performance Diary: Add/Update a performance diary with files. These are files kept of the employee in other systems that should be appended to the employee file as part of an appraisal.

Organisational Structure: Create/Update organizational structure.

Candidate Assessment Information: export candidate assessment data for processing and import outcomes.

What is an API?

An API or Application Programming Interface is a structured means to interact with a system. The API allows other systems to “talk to” Acendre Recruit and/or Acendre Perform and execute functions such as updating drop-down lists, adding or updating position details, or creating and updating users/employees.

What authentication does the API use?

Acendre API end points use API keys for protection as well as the use of HTTPS and if required IP based restrictions. The use of API keys is an industry standard practice.

For authentication Acendre provides HMAC-SHA256 message hashing for outbound HTTPS POSTs. This uses a unique key which is provided to the client which is then used to authenticate into the API.

What methods are supported by the API?

The API supports HTTPS POST to receive data and can send data via HTTPS POST, email or SFTP.

How can my organisation access the APIs?

Please contact your Client Success Manager if you would like to discuss activating the APIs for your organisation. They will discuss with you your requirements and the best way to achieve them.

What format can Acendre Recruit send data in?

Acendre Recruit can send data in CSV, JSON and XML format. These formats are used when “pushing” data from Recruit. JSON is the preferred format.


The Single Sign On (SSO) solution is designed to remove the need for a user to have to manually login to multiple systems. With the SSO solution implemented, once the have been authenticated by their own network, a user will then be able to login to the Acendre Recruit or Perform systems without the need for an additional password.

In addition to the increased convenience to the user, SSO provides improved security and reduced system administration/helpdesk workload.

SAML requests made to Acendre Recruit or Perform must be Identity Provider (IdP) initiated. This means that the user must first be authenticated into their home system where a link will be created to the Acendre Recruit system.

This process is demonstrated below:

Configuring SSO

The following steps will allow you to set up Single Sign On for your organization. Acendre Recruit is able to support most systems with a SAML 2.0 framework.

  • Provide your metadata file or a link to where it is hosted. This will need to be set up by your Solutions Consultant.
  • Import the Acendre Recruit Metadata into your Identity provider. With most software this will automatically configure the Trust.
  • Set the NameID attribute to the username which is stored in the Acendre Recruit system, if there is no integration and usernames are not already set up a script may need to be run by the Acendre Recruit technical team.
  • Establish a link to the Acendre Recruit endpoint from your IdP.

Single Sign-On FAQs

What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) provides the ability to integrate Acendre Recruit and Acendre Perform into your intranet or domain log-in. This allows for a single log-in onto an intranet to provide access to Acendre Recruit and Acendre Perform in a single-click.

What is SAML?

The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an open standard that allows you to send authentication and authorisation data between affiliated but unrelated Web services.

What Single Sign-On methods/standards are supported?

Identity Provider initiated Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO) is supported for use with both Acendre Recruit and Acendre Perform.

How does my organisation setup SSO with Acendre products?

Please contact your Client Success Manager if you would like to discuss activating the Single Sign-On for your organization.

The setup of SSO will require an exchange of certificates between Acendre and your organization in order to implement. Once certificates have been generated, exchanged and setup by both parties, testing can occur.

This is the list of error messages returned by the API. For further assistance please reach out to the Support team or your Acendre Recruit contact.

HTTP Status Code Reason
400 There was a problem with your request. Please review to ensure all data and formatting is correct.
401 Unauthorized. The specified API Key was not valid. Please check the key is correct.
403 Forbidden. The consumer/subscription is disabled or you do not have access to it. Please contact the support team to ensure you have the correct access activated.
404 Consumer not found. Please contact support team to ensure access is correct.
500 We experienced an internal server error processing your request.