Building global recruitment and trust – Glencore case study

Glencore Case Study

Glencore is one of the world’s largest mining and metals companies comprised of seven business units: Alloys, Coal, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Technology and Corporate. It operates in over 20 countries and employs 70,000 people. With over 320 Human Resources Users of their online recruitment platform, Glencore needed a robust solution configured in multiple languages. HireRoad’s Acendre Recruitment system provides them just that, and more.

Partnering with HireRoad

After five years of running the online graduate recruitment program and building strong relationships within HireRoad, Glencore’s Group Manager for Human Resources, Jodie Hope, managed the upgrade to Recruit by HireRoad.

Recruit by HireRoad allows Glencore to standardize on a single global platform. Being an internationalised system means that it doesn’t matter what country applicants are located in, as Recruit by HireRoad is available in their three key languages.

Configurability of the system

Utilising decentralised HR and recruiting models means that Glencore doesn’t have one corporate recruitment hub with one style of advertising and one set of rules. A major benefit of Recruit by HireRoad for Glencore has been the configurability of the system, allowing them to meet their business needs.

Recruit by HireRoad Integration with LinkedIn

Glencore recently went live with a job wrapping process with LinkedIn, which allows for each job loaded by Glencore to be automatically posted on LinkedIn. “It is such a relief that we no longer need to rely on our recruiters to double up on posting jobs. HireRoad’s job wrapping with LinkedIn has already proven to be extremely effective for our business,” said Jodie.

It’s more than just the product, it’s also about trust.

Jodie discussed how important trust was to her in Glencore’s relationship with HireRoad. “The lack of staff turnover at HireRoad and their passion for understanding our business has enabled us to build strong and long lasting relationships with the people who support us. We can always trust that HireRoad will deliver what is required on time.

“At any one time, Glencore will have 1,500 jobs live globally and of that, 400 of these are open accepting  applications with the rest in the selection process. Managing this system manually was costly and time consuming and Recruit by HireRoad offered us the perfect solution to this problem.”

–Jodie Hope, Glencore’s Group Manager for Human Resources