Your Trusted Partner in Cyber-Security

Acendre Recruit is dedicated to enhancing the cyber-security landscape for the Australian public sector.

Our security posture is not only robust but also aligned with the Australian Signals Directorate’s Information Security Manual (ISM) and the Australian Cyber Security Centre Essential Eight, ensuring adherence to best practices and regulatory standards.

With a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the nation’s digital frontiers, our operations are firmly rooted in Australia, with all data hosted exclusively within the confines of our shores.

Our dedication to security extends to every aspect of our service.

Data Integrity

Data integrity is paramount, with all Acendre Recruit customer data securely housed in AWS data centers located in Sydney, Australia. Access to this data is restricted solely to onshore resources, ensuring comprehensive protection against unauthorised access.

Beyond Industry Standards

At Acendre, we go beyond industry standards to ensure the highest level of security for our clients. Every piece of data captured within our software undergoes robust encryption both in transit and at rest, guaranteeing its confidentiality and integrity.

Proactive Threat Monitoring

Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident through secure development processes, annual 3rd party penetration testing, and 24/7 security monitoring, which rigorously evaluate our systems for vulnerabilities. Partnering with leading third-party cyber security organisations, such as CyberCX, allows us to leverage cutting-edge technology for proactive threat monitoring and innovative defensive strategies.

Agile & Responsive

In the face of an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, Acendre remains agile and responsive. We are more than just a vendor; we are your partner in safeguarding Australia’s digital future. We strive to be the gold star in protection against cyber threats, ensuring a secure, resilient, and trustworthy digital environment for all Australians.

For more information or questions about our security roadmap,

contact your Acendre Recruit Client Success Manager or reach out to

A HireRoad Solution for Every Step of the HR Journey

Looking to simplify your HR journey beyond talent acquisition? The HireRoad suite of HR solutions spans recruitment, onboarding, learning & development, and people analytics.

Attract to Fit

Streamline your talent acquisition process like never before. Acendre Recruit provides a comprehensive, secure recruitment experience, allowing you to automate and configure each step of the process to drive efficiency across your organisation. 

Engage to Align

Set your new hires up for success from day one. Provide a seamless transition from candidate to employee, with simple, on-brand onboarding plans tailored to your new hire. Deliver personalised onboarding plans at scale, reducing the manual work for your team.

Empower to Thrive

Engage your employees with on-brand, customised training programs. HireRoad’s LMS helps you deliver A+ employee education at scale, with flexibility and localisation to engage your team as they grow. Track completions and performance to ensure your team is thriving.

Turn Insights into Action

Navigate your people data without the complexity. HireRoad’s best-in-class people analytics solution integrates and connects your ATS data with other disparate HR data sets, providing you with instant, holistic insights to make informed decisions for your business.

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