How the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) streamlined their end-to-end recruitment process.

The Challenge

DFAT needed to automate requests throughout their recruitment process, including requests to fill a vacancy, send a candidate assessment, and onboard new hires. Lack of automated hiring requests and recruitment processes translated to a lot of manual work for the recruitment team and hiring managers alike. A large portion of this work was still paper-based or being done manually. Approval processes were not streamlined, which led to unwanted delays in filling positions.

DFAT approached HireRoad to reconfigure Acendre Recruit in a way that automated all of their recruitment activity, from initiation of the recruitment request to successful onboarding of new employees and job closeout. They also wanted to increase self­ service capabilities and increase efficiency for bulk recruitment rounds.

How HireRoad helped:

  • The Hireroad team reconfigured Acendre Recruit to bring all assessment and onboarding related activity into automated workflows triggered by electronic form completion.
  • Completion of electronic forms were updated to feed into customised operational and strategic reporting so that the team at DFAT can view recruitment metrics holistically.
  • Additional touchpoints were automated, such as auto-completion of data forms based on requisition details and the triggering of automated emails to keep stakeholders informed throughout the recruitment process
  • Updated workflows and user trainings were implemented to support bulk recruitment needs

The Result:

The DFAT team has been able to significantly reduce levels of manual data entry and duplication of information by consolidating their entire recruitment process all in one place.

Self-service capabilities within Acendre Recruit made it possible for other business areas within DFAT to engage with recruitment processes in an automated and standardised approach.

DFAT has improved recruitment efficiency, specifically when it comes to conducting bulk recruitment rounds – resulting in a 40% increase in jobs advertised.

Armed with customised templates to automate each step of the recruitment process, dashboards for standardised and custom reporting, and training to leverage self-service best practices, DFAT has streamlined their recruitment process from end to end, driving organisational-wide efficiency.