Multiple stakeholders, high volume success – Chandler MacLeod case study

Chandler Macleod Case Study

Chandler Macleod has provided HR services to organisations in the ANZ region for over 50 years. Publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, the company has over 50 branches employing over 1,300 full time employees. The company has over 3,100 customers across the region.

Business Challenge

Chandler Macleod had an established relationship with HireRoad, already utilizing HireRoad Recruitment to manage internal recruitment, as well as high volume recruitment for special projects for their customers, including graduate programs for the Department of Health and the Australian Energy Market Operator.

In 2012, one of the world’s leading engineering, procurement and construction companies involved in a large scale gas project in Western Australia approached HireRoad for a recruitment solution. The organisation had particular interest in the reporting and analytics function of HireRoad Recruitment.

Chandler Macleod partnered with HireRoad to utilize both companies’ expertise to address the organisation’s challenges.

Chandler Macleod’s Carissa Cooper commented on the organisation’s unique requirements.

“It needed to be able to employ over 6,000 people over a 15-month period, and be able to manage the sheer volume of expected applications. In addition, they needed reporting that could address the requirements of multiple stakeholders and provide forecasting that would inform the organisation’s workforce planning,” she said.

“HireRoad was able to work with us to create a solution that would address all these requirements. It was a situation we had not encountered before, and the team at HireRoad were fantastic in working with us to address the customer’s needs,” she added.

“We’ve been able to talk about this system with other clients.  I definitely use this
engagement as a platform for all my discussions with high volume opportunities.

I’d be happy to work with HireRoad and HireRoad Recruitment
again on other projects – I love the configurability of it.”

–Clarissa Cooper, Chandler Macleod

The HireRoad Solution

Recruit by HireRoad was combined with Chandler Macleod’s best practices to create a tool that was utilised for recruitment, easily configurable, and the provision of ‘line-of-sight’ analytics and reporting.

“The team at HireRoad were truly a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge of best practice helped us to halve a 36-step assessment process, and standardise it across the various teams. This meant that teams that were previously utilising different processes or were doing things manually were all brought onto the same 18-step process using Recruit by HireRoad. The team at HireRoad is accommodating, understanding of the requirements of our client, and they’ve helped get everyone on the same page and level of understanding as well. They’ve also worked with us to build capability within Chandler Macleod to support the system and have been very supportive and encouraging of this,” commented Cooper.

Apart from providing Chandler Macleod with the ability to manage the recruitment process more efficiently, Recruit by HireRoad is also utilised by the customer, which now has an unprecedented level of visibility into internal and external recruitment teams’ activities. HR Recruits’s reporting module provides Chandler Macleod’s customer with insights into key workforce planning metrics such as:

  • Timelines around the recruitment lifecycle
  • How long each process within the recruitment process takes
  • How quickly specific roles can be filled

Through the extensive reporting capabilities, the customer is now able to forecast how far away an applicant is from starting a specific job, giving them and Chandler Macleod the ability to respond to changing workforce requirements quickly and efficiently.

Recruit by HireRoad Provides Competitive Edge

Within the past year, Recruit by HireRoad has fielded over 200,000 applications. The team at Chandler Macleod have also been supported with training to enable them to configure the solution as necessary.

“We’ve been able to talk about this system with other clients. I definitely use this engagement as a platform for all my discussions with high volume opportunities,” Cooper said.

“We were familiar with HR Recruit as a recruitment tool, but this project made us more aware of the solution’s capabilities. The configurability of the system allows us to utilise the solution to do much more than just recruitment. The reports that can be developed and the forecasting capability it provides enables us to be very proactive, and provides the client with information for strategic workforce planning,” she added.

“This system has given us the reporting capability that we previously had not had, particularly with the work that HireRoad is doing with analytics. We’re really benefitting from this by being able to forecast recruitment, understand the processes involved and how long each step takes, and then responding to our client’s changing needs quickly. For our client, the more agile we are with responding to changes the fewer delays they have. This then helps them avoid large losses,” she added.

“I’d be happy to work with HireRoad and Recruit by HireRoad again on other projects – I love the configurability of it,” she concluded.